More to Life

The Story of More to Life

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As I reflect on my 18 years of experience being a Registered Massage Therapist, I realize that I have been blessed with amazing drive, passion, curiosity and nurturing capabilities to run and maintain a wonderful business for 15 years.  Here I go again… I am looking forward to many more years in business with my new partner Alyssa Green.  More to Life is set to re-open in May 2016 at 920 Princess St.  We welcome RMT’s Jennifer Bullock and Aly Owens.  Together may we run an integrative, collaborative massage clinic, specializing in pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.  May we use our knowledge and skill to work towards the pain free function and transformational processes of our Kingston community.

Once I became an RMT, I moved to Kingston and began my career as a Massage Therapist at a clinic called The Kingston Wellness Centre.  Here I learned patience and obtained a slow progressive growth of my clientele.  2 ½ years later I met a wonderful woman, Dyan McKeown at a doula training course who was a recent graduate and who was moving to Napanee.  So grateful to have been able to get her a job with me because from here we decided to open More to Life Massage Therapy together.  I knew from the start that we would do awesome things together.  From Dyan I learned a lot about marketing and business development.

We lost our work space unexpectedly before we obtained our new space but thankfully we had developed a working relationship with some amazing Chiropractors, Dr. Carl Weber and Dr. Martha Collins.  They provided us with a quick temporary space to practice.  Without them More to Life may not have developed. We opened More to Life in February 2001. Carl Weber became my mentor and here I learned that the body has the innate ability to heal itself.  Sometimes it just needs a little help to remove the interference for better function.

Thank you, Carl and Martha for all your support through the years and your beautiful teachings, in which I have based the foundation of my work on.

Dyan and I worked together for 7 years at More to Life.  In which time they set up an on-site massage therapy program, were nominated for business of the year through the Chamber of Commerce and grew to support 5 massage therapists and a Naturopathic Doctor.  They had many wonderful therapists work in their space…

Karen Dombroskie, Louisa Oliviera, Matthew McFarlane, Stephanie Belec, Dawn Kirkby, Anne Walton, Tanya Peacock and Jillian Murphy.  All of you had a profound impact on me personally and the success of More to Life.  Thank you!

My sincerest thanks go out to Dyan McKeown for all your wonderful support, marketing skills, friendship, and collaboration that continue on with a strong foundation that we built together.

In 2008 Dyan and I simply had too many babies to maintain the clinic.  Dyan went to Napanee and I took More to Life to my home for 2 years.  I worked alone and for a while it was great, but I needed to interact with people, other therapists and mentors in my life.

Enter Dr. Peter Pain, Dr. Laura Gifford and The Live Well Centre. Dr. Laura mentioned what a great prenatal practice we could have and I was in!  For the last 5 years I have practiced in bliss while my babies were young.  Thank you, Peter and Laura for all your support and business sense.  You have an awesome space to work in!

In 2015 I craved gathering with women, so I started Wise Woman Retreat. This is when I met Ro Red.  Alyssa is a young girl who was a massage therapist and a doula.  We began trading massages for the last year until now…

I am grateful to have met you Ro Red, you are curious, motivated and a brave individual.  Together we decided to re-open More to Life Massage Therapy which is due to open in May 2016 at 920 Princess St. (Bath and Princess). Please visit our website to book online

I have been fortunate in my life to have a career I am so passionate about and all the teachers I have met along the way have played an integral part in the woman, therapist, mentor and business owner I have become….

Jennifer Clarke Gargaro RMT/Birth Mentor