Prenatal Classes

Birthing From Within prenatal classes offer a unique opportunity for parents to prepare for birthing. Typically our classes meet as small groups of three to six couples in a comfortable, nurturing class environment. You will learn lots of practical information about labor and caring for your newborn through thought-provoking dialogues, memorable exercises and interesting visuals.

  • 7 week series of classes: $200/couple
  • Weekend Intensive class: (Fri evening, Sat & Sun 9-5): $200/couple
  • Private Class: (one time) $100.00 for a 3-4 hour class

In your Birthing  From Within classes, you will learn how to:

  • Experience birth as a rite of passage
  • Open your body-mind before and during labor with self-hypnosis and visualizations
  • Build confidence in yourself and your partner
  • Ask questions and make decisions in labor
  • Protect your birth space
  • Push your baby out
  • Welcome your baby
  • Recover and plan postpartum
  • Care for and feed your newborn
  • Give birth from within during a Cesarean, while using pain medication, or with medical support.
    …and much more!

Beginning Your JOURNEY….

Whether you are first time parents or if this is an opportunity to have a better birthing experience than you have had in the past, BIRTHING FROM WITHIN classes are the place for you to gain insight, support, and knowledge to create your own best experience.  These small intimate classes will provide safe space to explore all options through discussion.   There are no wrong questions, I invite you to explore everything you need to prepare you on your journey to parents.

What do YOU need to know to give birth?

Each couple must follow their own path, BIRTHING FROM WITHIN classes allow you to seek the answers to your own questions, and to gain the tools you need in a safe space. Our class prepares you to birth-in-awareness whether, you are birthing at home, in a birth center, tipi, taxi or hospital. You will be encouraged to explore ALL options, helping you to navigate the unknown journey of labour.

An important aspect of the class is the focus on the partner’s role  in the birthing process, and their own questions, and concerns. It is important to remember that everyone has an essential role on this journey.  This rite of passage from couple to parents is a life altering experience!  Fostering a sense of partner connection creates the ability to go into labour feeling united together as a team, allowing your partner to offer your realistic support while also feeling connected to the experience.

The pain-coping confidence you develop in your BIRTHING FROM WITHIN class will support you in Laborland.  You’ll experience a variety of PAIN-COPING TECHNIQUES, which will help you cultivate the power of mindfulness, meditation and self-hypnosis. In addition to visualizations and learning age-old practices from wisdom traditions, you will explore the wise use of drugs and epidurals should they become necessary.

Are you ready?

Being pregnant and giving birth can seem an overwhelming experience. Your whole life is changing in a matter of nine months and it can seem like you are on your own, not knowing what is around the corner. In fact for many it can seem absolutely terrifying, but having an arena to discuss all of your joys, fears, and questions is an invaluable opportunity. You will meet other couples to relate and learn from, all while benefiting from the guidance of your mentor.