Jennifer Clarke-Gargaro

 About Jennifer

Jennifer (Clarke) Gargaro, RMT, Owner

Jennifer has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 1998.

Jennifer’s work is her passion! She is a deep tissue massage therapist and believes the body has the innate ability to heal itself. Sometimes it just needs a little space to help.  She facilitates healing by pointing out the areas that hold tension. As she identifies these areas, she asks her client’s body to move back into good space, working with her client’s breath by bringing awareness back to their body. This will enable the client to let go of the tension and allow the body to heal itself.

Jennifer loves working with pregnant mom’s and babies, athlete’s and people who recognize that there must be a way to get MORE OUT OF LIFE! She offers free infant massage instruction to her clients and does group instruction.  She loves it so much she did her training as a Mentor with Birthing From Within in September 2011.  She now offers beautiful prenatal classes for the transforming parents.  As Jen’s passion has shifted to helping new mom and dads to be through their journey into parenthood focusing specifically on the MOTHER!  Jennifer also introduced postpartum home visits to nurture and honour the Mother’s transformation which often is forgotten about once baby arrives.  These postpartum home visits seem to work best in the first few weeks postpartum and is best booked before baby comes.

Jennifer has additional training as a doula and in myofascial release (a dry massage that works more on the connective tissue and holding patterns), muscle energy (great for the pelvis) and trigger point therapy.