Fees & Services


Classic Therapeutic Massage

All of our prices include HST

60 minute – $100.00 

30 minute – $65.00 

45 minute – $80.00 

75 minute – $120.00 

90 minute – $135.00 

Advanced Therapeutic Techniques

60 minute – $105.00

75 minute – $125.00

Therapists offering advanced therapeutic techniques have had many hours of Continuing Education and practice. Techniques such as Myoskeletal Alignment Technique (MAT) by Erik Dalton, Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers are among these specialized techniques that get to the source of the issue.  Jen Clarke Gargaro and Annemarie Payette offer some of these fabulous, highly focused techniques.

Initial Intake for Patients – Informed consent, Assessment and Treatment

At More to Life Massage Therapy we hold a high standard of care. It is important to us to maintain this high quality of care for all treatments.  To do this we need to get to know your body and it’s holding pattern to treat you appropriately. This takes some time and it is important for you to know that you may not get a full hour of massage on the first visit. Once we understand how your unique body holds then the subsequent treatments will be jam packed with Classic Therapeutic Massage Techniques. We recommend a full hour for this Initial appointment.

Classic Therapeutic Massage

Do you need balance?

Registered massage Therapy for everyone.  RMT’s are trained in soft tissue work. It can be superficial and relaxing or deep and therapeutic.  Working the shortened muscles can be profound when stressed (watch it melt away on the table), in pain (our skilled therapist know exactly where to work to give you relief), in need of circulation (long gentle strokes can move the blood around bringing healing nutrients to every part of your body) or in need of balance (releasing shortened muscles and learning to activate the weak muscles teach your body to balance and function normally).  Massage therapy is guaranteed to make you feel lighter, more mobile and relaxed. All our therapists are highly trained and professional. We pride ourselves on maintaining an extremely high standard of care.  Check out their bios here.

Pregnancy Massage

Are you expecting a baby?  At More to Life some of our therapist specialize in reproductive care and all of our therapists are trained to work with expectant Mamma’s.  Not only do we offer prenatal care but some therapists offer prenatal classes ( Jen Clarke Gargaro via Birthing From Within), post partum home visits (Jen Clarke Gargaro) and all reproductive care. From the time you make the decision to have a baby and through the journey into parenthood, More to Life is here to guide you through the unknown landscape of birth and beyond!

Advanced Therapeutic Techniques

Jen Clarke Gargaro,  and Annemarie Payette offer some of these techniques. Check out their bios here

Musculoskeletal Alignment TechniqueErik Dalton- Freedom from Pain Institute– is nothing but the best!  A unique hands on system designed to restore function, relieve pain, rebalance and re-educate the body.
Some therapists have specific training with Erik Dalton. Techniques include – Muscle Energy Techniques (moving your body into different positions and activating/isolating muscles against resistance), Nerve flossing (connective tissue can impede nerve conductivity.  Moving the body to put tension on the nerve and move it back and forth through it’s canal.), Joint Mobilizations (asking your structure back into it’s good space with gentle pulsing of specific joints).  This is corrective work that won’t disappoint.  Therapists trained will look at your body as a whole and make the appropriate corrections, re-educating the brain/body systems to work together.  

Anatomy TrainsThomas Myers

Myofascial Release

Spiral line – Do you feel twisted?

A specific Myofascial Release technique (peeling back connective tissue, hands on skin, dry work around the rib cage, across the back of neck, and sacrum and only one (usually the dominant leg) leg. Great for pain patterns that you just can’t seem to get under no matter what you do. Assessment is easy and if clear we treat! Very effective to elongate the body, some places on the line can be intense burning, while others feel so good to be worked. 

Arm lines – Do your arms fall asleep?

Superficial and deep, front and back arm lines. Great for arm pain, carpal tunnel, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, golfer elbow or tennis elbow.  Myofascial release down certain tracks on the arms both front and back.