Jen Bullock

About Jen

Jen has been working as an RMT in Kingston and surrounding area since 2010. Since beginning her career she has developed her skills to include, deep tissue therapy, soft tissue release, muscle energy and manual lymph drainage. In addition she has training in the healing properties of essential oils.

Her most recent energy is spent on bridging the gap between how our bodies hold in space and move within it. She is dedicated working with the painful movement patterns like the slouching posture or improper lifting techniques to re-organize and identify weakness and to create strength and length where it is needed. In this technological world people do not use their bodies as nature intended. She believes there is a HUGE contradiction between the way our bodies are designed and how our life style functions within it.

Our world is riddled with continual ergonomic strain, increased stress and our culturally busy lifestyle; she strives for her clients to operate from a place of balance and will support you on your journey through life.