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How do you feel about your upcoming birth?


Hello All!

How do you feel about your upcoming birth?  Some of you seasoned parents may feel like there has got to be a better way to do this, or maybe you feel terrified because this is your first journey, or maybe you are a father or other mother that wants to be the supportive  person your wife is expecting you to be!  Always, transformation is a daunting process, even if you have done this before there are so many elements of unknown, there is no controlling it.  This can leave mothers feeling like it is no use, no matter how hard I try I just can’t get the birth experience I want or first timers feeling disappointed with their birth experience or fathers and other mothers can feel like they are frozen and helpless.

There are ways to explore your previous birth to take a step in processing and integrating it so you feel truly ready to do it again, there are ways to explore the unknown and become more comfortable in it.  There are ways to explore your thoughts and feeling about being the supportive partner and obtain realistic tools to help you along on your journey into parenthood.

My name is Jennifer Gargaro and I am a Birthing From Within Mentor.  As a Mentor, I am here to help parents on their transition to parenthood.  BFW prenatal classes allow you to explore all you need to know about birth in a discussion focused group.  The information is delivered in a way that allows people to be ready for the information that you receive, because you are already asking the question.  The group dynamic is imperative as everyone learns from each other’s learning. (Although, I do offer private one time sessions for parents that feel like they just need a little more help.)  The group explores the information when they are ready.  These classes are governed by you!  The material delivered in class is interactive and my focus is on PARTNER CONNECTION (don’t have a partner? Bring a friend or not!  Just come and explore you!)  I aim to create a safe environment for you and your partner to create a setting that works for you, helping you to move into labour feeling like a team and offering realistic support.  If you truly engage in Pam England’s (author of Birthing From Within) teachings you will be more likely able to transform with grace and ease.  Would like to get a better sense of Birthing From Within’s model to see if it is the one for you?  Then I would encourage you to visit the website or better yet, buy the book.  Whether you are planning a home birth or hospital birth BFW will help give you the tools to birth in awareness no matter which road your birth goes down, perhaps it would be the exact opposite road then you were hoping for or maybe you will have to compromise slightly but we rarely get the experience that we fantasize about.  In BFW classes I cover things like, stages of labour,  lots of pain coping techniques, ceserean birth, compassionate use of epidurals, lots of massage (as I am also a massage therapist), intimacy and positioning.

Giving birth is a life altering experience!  Are you prepared?  If you would like to feel more prepared please contact me and let’s see if we can’t help you find a way to Birth From Within.  You can also visit my website at

I hope to see you soon as you prepare for the unknown and your upcoming birth.  Please understand I strive to accept everyone without judgment so the environment is ripe to explore whatever it is you need to explore at any given moment.


Jennifer (Clarke) Gargaro RMT/ Mentor