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Registered Massage Therapy

All massage therapy treatments are provided by a Registered Massage Therapist, and provide receipts for extended health benefit plans at the end of treatment. Prices include HST.

  • 30 min: $60
  • 45 min: $75
  • 60 min: $95
  • 75 min: $115
  • 90 min: $130
  • 2 hours: $180

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Ashiatsu Barefoot Registered Massage Therapy

Ashiatsu is an ancient therapeutic practice of barefoot massage. Originating in the Far East, it utilizes techniques from Japanese Shiatsu massage and Keralite, a type of oil massage from Southern India.

The term comes from the Japanese words for “foot” (ashi) and “pressure” (atsu).

 Relaxing and therapeutic, Ashiatsu is performed on a massage table with overhead parallel bars to ensure stability and control, the therapist uses the broad, rounded surface of the feet to administer greater pressure without causing the tissue damage (and consequent pain) that can follow the deep tissue massage commonly applied using the  more bony prominence’s like elbows or fingers.

Ashiatsu is recognized by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario as a Registered Massage Therapy and requires additional training and certification.

  • 45 min: $95
  • 60 min: $115
  • 75 min: $135
  • 90 min: $155

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Indian Oil Massage

‘Abhyanga’ the use of warm oils applied to the entire body, have healing effects both physically and psychologically. It not only calms the body but the mind and nervous system too. It helps to alleviate discomfort associated with everyday and occupational stress, muscular overuse, and many chronic pain syndromes.

 Abhyanga is currently not covered by extended healthcare benefits. 

  • 60 min: $75
  • 90 min: $100

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Aromatherapy Massage

Add the healing benefits of essential oils to your treatment by booking an Aromatherapy massage with Jen Bullock. Essential oils are selected based on your needs and added to a carrier oil, such as coconut or grapeseed oil.

  • 45 min: $75
  • 60 min: $95
  • 75 min: $115
  • 90 min: $130


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