Employment Opportunities

Treatment Room

We have a large room available for rent. At More to Life we have a skilled team of RMT’s that love to teach and brainstorm therapy ideas. Stay tuned for our up and coming Mentorship Program that I will talk about in a Technique Sharing Day at www.moretolifekingston.com or Like us at More to Life Kingston/facebook for future updates. As soon as we can gather again, at More to Life we have 4 Therapy rooms and this event will be covid protocol friendly. Please email jen@moretolifekingston.com to submit a resume or chat about the potential to work at More to Life Massage Therapy, situated in the heart of Kingston and celebrating 20 years in business.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Mentorship Program for new therapists or therapists looking to develop their skill set, learn about business building and explore the mindset of facilitation of the healing process.

The body has the innate ability to heal itself, sometimes there is some interference for this natural process to occur.”
Jennifer Clarke Gargaro RMT/Clinic Owner

Come learn how to offer clients top notch care, when we facilitate this healing process and not try to FIX IT all the time! That’s exhausting! This is how I believe I have lasted in the industry for 23 years. I tap into the patient’s body and ask it back into it’s good space. When it’s ready and with gentle prompts it will shift back into a space that is functional and pain free! It’s an art that takes practice! Join us at More to Life and practice being a Facilitator RMT. Always looking for the source of dysfunction, so our patient’s body can unwind and heal.