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Fall is Here

Fall, the season of slowing down, has arrived. As we move into the colder months our bodies are also making preparations to get through the long winter ahead. We are adapting to shorter days and less sunlight, so some of us may be feeling a bit sluggish and sleepy. We’re craving comfort foods like tea, soup, and our favorite homestyle recipes.
We are often tempted to amp life during this season. Holidays loom closer, which can be rewarding but usually bring on more stress. If you think about it summer is when we take on big projects like home renovations, vacations, gardening, and physical hobbies. We go on day trips, are out in the sun, and generally pretty busy. But summer can’t go on forever, and so fall arrives to slow everything down, although it’s easy to forget this in our modern day society.
This year I invite you to ignore the urge to do more and instead create space to wind down. It’s healthy to take a break and have a change of pace. Here are some simple steps to bring a bit of comfort and ease this fall.
-Take a drive and see the fall leaves changing
– Go to bed earlier when you can
-Try to clear things off of your busy schedule. Book off an afternoon ahead of time if you need to.
-Curl up with a cup of coffee or tea and your favorite book
– Make an effort to have technology free time.