Are you putting yourself first this year? Why not?

Happy New Year from More to Life Massage Therapy!

We are so excited to start a brand new year with you at More to Life Massage Therapy!

What comes to mind when people talk about celebrating the new year? New year’s resolutions of course. This is the time where many people refocus on their goals for the next year, and reflect on the twelve months that have passed. What did you accomplish this year? What lessons did you learn? What about this past year do you want to carry forward into the next, and what isn’t serving you anymore?

As we venture forth into 2017, many people will pick New Year’s resolutions that are hard to accomplish, or hard on themselves. People mention losing weight, hitting the gym, or going on a diet. We are constantly bombarded by messages that tell us we need to do more and be better. Often we try to take on too much in order to fulfill expectations placed on us by the media, work, or our friends and family. We think that we are helping ourselves when really we are just placing unreasonable expectations and stress on ourselves. Then we fail to keep our resolutions and are back to square one.

So instead of vowing to do more and be better, what if we vowed to do less?

What if you dedicated 60 minutes to be entirely yours? 60 minutes to let someone else care for you. No expectations, no interruptions. No cell phone or emails distracting you, no errands to worry about. 60 minutes completely and utterly yours to care for yourself and your body; to maintain the health of your ligaments, muscles, joints, and mind. How often do you get this sort of time in your day to day life? Does this exist at all for you? If you could reserve this time for yourself without worry or limitations, how often would you do it? Once a month? Once a week?

This year we want you to invest in yourself. Why? Because you are worth it. Not to spoil yourself or treat yourself, but because you are the owner of an amazing human body that works 24 hours a day, and you deserve a body that functions well and is well cared for.

Start the new year by putting yourself first. There’s 730 hours in a month. How many of those will you take to care for yourself?

See you on the massage table,

Warmly, Alyssa and the More to Life Massage Therapy Team