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20 ways to Decrease Neck Pain as a new Mom

Breast feeding:

  • Practice laid back breastfeeding
  • Don’t be afraid to use extra pillows in addition and/or under your breastfeeding pillow in order to support your baby and bring them closer to you when feeding in an upright position
  • Use sidelying breastfeeding positions

Bottle Feeding

  • Use extra pillows underneath your baby to bring them closer to you and give your arms a break
  • Get your partner or a loved one to feed your baby when you can to get a break or increase your sleep


  • baby wearing can give your arms a break and helps distribute the strain of carrying your baby more evenly across your body
  • Try to limit your use of a carrier car seat as that strains one side of your body when you lift it
  • Increase your use of your stroller when you are able to


  • Pick a stroller that is easy for you to push
  • Pick a stroller that has wheel that move easily, and that match the terrain you will be using it for
  • Use strollers that are as light weight as possible

Stretching and Movement

  • Stretch when you are able to
  • Stretches for your pecs, upper traps, and sub occipitals, scalenes, and biceps are great ones to look up
  • Gentle exercise like walking and mom and baby yoga can help decrease stiffness

Self Care

  • Using a heat pack on your neck and shoulders before bed can help loosen your muscles and bring blood flow to the area
  • Using a foam roller or tennis ball to help massage tight muscles
  • Incorporating Epsom salt baths when able, or long hot showers
  • Getting a new pillow to support your neck when you sleep
  • Limiting use of phone
  • Getting regular massage therapy every 3-6 weeks