Based on your current state of wellness, a unique program of yoga postures, meditation, and breathing techniques are designed to support your specific needs and goals. During each session, you will be guided through your program with Norah Greatrix a qualified massage and yoga therapist, helping you progress at a pace that suits you.


(Covered through most extended healthcare benefits.)

PhysioYoga is a unique form of therapy that combines the expertise of both a Physiotherapist and a Yoga therapist.

It is a preventive and rehabilitation health care therapy that combines both evidence-based physiotherapy and traditional yoga methods for a more holistic approach to your care. The union of these two therapies provides a complete health and wellness system.

Clients firstly will be assessed by a physiotherapist and provided a physiotherapy based program with a yoga based approach. Clients receive the expertise and guidance of both health care professionals.

A high emphases is put on educating clients of their own anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, connecting the mental body to the physical body.

Yoga Therapy

( Not covered by extended healthcare benefits, but is under revision to be recognized. See PhysioYoga if covered services are required. )

Yoga Therapy is the application of Yoga techniques and practices, derived from the Indian-based Ayurvedic system of health.

It helps individuals facing health challenges at any level manage their condition, reduce symptoms, restore balance, increase vitality, and improve mental state.

Private Tuition

Private yoga sessions are tailored to the needs of the student. One on one observation will help you to understand and support your individual anatomy, posture, and movement patterns.

Whether there is areas of chronic tension in either your body or mind; old or current injuries, starting or supporting a yoga practice, you learn based on what is right for you and when.

 Learn the tools to deeply relax and build a stronger, healthier balanced body.