Alyssa Green


Alyssa Green RMT/Doula, Co-Owner

[email protected]

Alyssa became a Registered Massage Therapist in 2013 and a Certified Doula in 2014. She is passionate about caring for her clients and providing massage therapy and doula services to the Kingston community. Alyssa strongly believes that finding the origin of her client’s presenting problem is the key to effective and thorough treatment. This includes viewing the body as an innately connected structure that functions as a whole.

Since 2013, Alyssa has taken several courses including Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment lower and upper body specialist, balancing the pelvis through muscle energy, dynamic taping, and Therapeutic Touch. She is also a certified doula through Doula Training Canada and Stillbirthday. She believes that continuous education is integral to providing her clients with the most up to date and evidence based care. Her strengths include working with the low back and pelvis, neck and shoulder problems, as well as pregnancy massage.

By viewing and treating the body as a whole, we can understand the origins of pain and dysfunction.